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2024 New & Must Have Learning Resource Catalogue

2024 New & Must Have Learning Resource Catalogue

We had many discussions regarding how best to showcase our new products in 2024, but to also remind you of the full and wonderful range of now over 1500 products we have available. We wanted to think differently, we wanted to be sustainable, we wanted you to easily see our new range, but not forget our full and extensive range of resources.

So here is what we are delivering for you this year … in place of an entire new catalogue featuring all products we are combining our 2023 Learning Resource Catalogue and this 2024 New and Must Have Learning Resource Catalogue.

As you will see as you flick through the new 2024 catalogue we have introduced nearly 300 new products and we’ve highlighted some of the many existing products WE LOVE ❤.

Please don’t forget that our team are fully equipped to support you with any new centre set-up or refurbishment needs -- just give us a call, 1300 044 984 or email,

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