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Aboriginal Humpy, Camping and Fire Set

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This Australian Aboriginal themed display and play scape sets out to represent a traditional camp setting, comprising of a family, tent (humpy), hunting equipment, fire and food. This kit contains a representation of a shrubbery humpy (tent) often made from animal skins or shrubs. Hunting is represented with the inclusion of a spear which in children's play can become a fishing line, walking stick or storytelling stick used to draw stories into sand. Fire is an essential element of every culture whether for cooking or warmth. Food choices include a bardie grub (witchetty grub) to show the bush tucker food that is eaten. The inclusion of a witchetty grub can extend into conversations about sustainability and food production. This is an extensive education set containing wooden figures, felt products, crochet materials and marine shell. Please note due to the crafted nature of these resources variations from images and product to product may occur.
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